Bikram Yoga

90 minutes

Traditional Bikram yoga class of 26 asanas and 2 breathing exercises practiced in 105 degree heat. This specific sequence is taught at a beginner level and remains unchanged allowing you to become familiar with the postures and connect with your body.

Bikram 60

60 minutes

A condensed version of traditional Bikram yoga. The sequence remains the same with 2 sets of most postures practiced at a slightly faster pace.

Glow Yoga instructor pose-crane

Hot Vinyasa

75 minutes

Open-level vinyasa flow combining movement with breath. With music playing in the background, coordination and stamina are challenged through an ever-changing asana sequence.

Power Yoga

60 minutes

The perfect blend of Bikram yoga, vinyasa flow and ashtanga. Music plays while guided through a challenging flow.

Barkan Method

60 minutes

Bikram yoga and vinyasa flow blended into a beautiful sequence. The body is warmed up with salute to the sun and moon, leading into more vinyasa flow, followed by traditional bikram yoga asanas.

Glow Yoga Studio shot

Inferno Hot Pilates

60 minutes

Pilates combined with high intensity interval training to set your core and glutes on fire while challenging your stamina. The music is loud and the energy high!!

Hot Fusion

60 minutes

This workout combines a challenging Vinyasa flow, incorporated with micro toning matte pilates exercises to lengthen and create lean muscle.